The foundation of the EnviroGuard™ programme is built on three principles

  • Cleaning: Germs can not survive on clean dry surfaces
  • Disinfecting: Rapid and effective elimination of harmful germs from surfaces
  • Protecting: By applying an antimicrobial barrier to surfaces and hands, germs are inhibited from contaminating surfaces, maintaining security between cleaning and hand washing opportunities.


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The six key ‘How to’ steps that you can take to stop germs entering and spreading throughout your home.

Step 1: How to identify the critical surfaces where germs reside in your home

The first step in infection prevention is observation. Look around and check the number of items that are frequently touched. From entering your home, it is very likely that you will touch multiple items within a few minutes. Let’s take a brief tour. Opening the door (handle and push plate), closing the door (handle), entering the kitchen (door handle), place keys in shared key rack, wash hands (taps), turning the kettle on (switch), open cupboard (handle) closing the cupboard (door surface), open the waste basket lid. Visit the washroom (door handles, toilet flush, taps, towel holder) etc……Many of these frequent touch points are used repeatedly by everyone, every day in the household. See the touch point check list below as a guide. There will likely be many more that are not listed based on your household and circumstances. (child’s stroller, walking stick for example). Also, personal items such as a face mask or shield, keys, wallet, eye glass frames, ID badges and swipe cards, mobile phone or tablet, backpacks, handbags, hair brushes. There are many items we use frequently but do not clean regularly, so the assurance of on-going protection would be a security benefit. Even a cigarette pack poses a hand to mouth infection risk!! As does the mobile phone; (remember its not just the screen but the back of the phone or wallet cover that is important to clean and protect).

For those with children, a fun exercise to teach the importance of good hygiene is to send them around the house with some mini note stickers and mark all the areas they touch. Add a marker pen and have them mark the sticker every time that item is touched. Another bit of fun is to have the children watch the adults and count how many times they touch their face or hair. Lessons learned in the home will serve them well in the outside world.

Step 2: How to clean and disinfect effectively and reliably.

The EnviroGuard™ kit includes all the materials you need to clean and disinfect these identified touch point surfaces. Complete instructions and short video clips of each step and type of surface is included in the Instruction section. The materials are selected for their performance and will provide clean surfaces ready for the application of the antimicrobial treatment. Take your time and ensure all the surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. Any residue or soil left behind will become the surface that receives the coating.
Use the Salvesan™ sprayed into the UltraMicrofibre cloths as part of your regular cleaning regime. This helps to remove any soil and ensures that the antimicrobial surface is clean and fully active.

Step 3: How to transform and provide long term antimicrobial protection to surfaces

The Microbe-Shield™ application is the final step in the protection process. Within the EnviroGuard™ kit is a 250ml spray bottle. This is sufficient to cover up to 25 square metres of surface area which is what is needed to protect the touch points contained within the average family home and have some left over for the family car.
Periodically refresh the heavily used touch points such as door handles and stair rails and anywhere you identify that abrasion may occur. It is a good idea to refresh these areas monthly. Any scratches or abraded areas will be repaired with a simple wipe over with the UltraMicrofibre cloth dosed with the Microbe-Shield™ solution.

Step 4: How to sanitise and protect your hands

This is really, really important! You’ll recall that in the text above I stated, “The main mode of transmission of infectious viruses and bacteria is from the hands”. You will be likely surprised to learn that most people do not know how to sanitise their hands correctly using a hand rub sanitiser. It is not the same as hand washing, as here, the water flow provides additional mechanical action to wash away soil. A few drops of hand sanitiser requires a learned technique to ensure that the sanitiser reaches all parts of the hands. See the hand graphic here. This illustrates where hand coverage is typically missed by poor technique. Besides providing a false sense of security, those contaminated hands will go on to contaminate touch points and cross-contaminate to other hands. Be Aware. Be Safe!

We will go on to developing the hand hygiene technique in the section below. But first let  me explain a little more about the Germfree24 hand sanitiser and protectant. We have established it is important to ensure all parts of the hands are covered. Once dry, the treated hands will continue to protect the hands from contamination. The application is needed only once per day. The Germfree24 will not wash off. (It falls off with the skin cells). The protection will last all day. It is important to point out. This hand protection is not a reason to reduce regular hand washing. The protection is there to keep hands as safe as possible between the times of regular hand washing and to reduce the risk of cross contamination to yourself (face, mask, clothes) and touch surfaces. The Germfree24 comes in a foam dispenser. Foam is much easier to spread over all parts of the hands, rather than a gel or liquid. Two pumps of foam are sufficient to cover both hands using the hand rub technique which we will look at now in the next section. Get ready, this is study and practice time.

Step 5: How you can learn the correct hand hygiene technique on your smartphone or tablet

The Surewash APP is a tool originally designed for Infection Prevention professionals to aid teaching healthcare workers the World Health Organisation hand hygiene technique.

The APP uses the camera on your phone or tablet to watch your hand movements as the programme guides you through the six individual poses necessary to apply the sanitiser to all parts of the hand and wrist. The APP demonstrates each pose and then the camera watches your hands copying the technique. Once you know each step, and in the correct sequence, you move on through the challenge levels, just like a game. Each level progressively challenges you to complete the perfect technique in shorter time. With consistent practice over several days, you will develop the skill and muscle memory to complete the perfect hand hygiene technique without thinking about it. Similar to tying shoelaces or a tie.

Surewash App

The Surewash basic APP is free to download on Google Play or Apple APP store. 


Family Sharing is available with the Surewash Pro APP. This is a subscribed APP which provides access for up to six family members with Family Sharing enabled. At present this is an Apple store feature – it is not available on Android. If a user with an Apple device has enabled family sharing (all of the family must have Apple devices also), then once one member purchases the Surewash Pro APP, up to 6 others in a family can access this same APP for free.

Platforms supported: iOS – iPhone 6 or higher. Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher

Step 6: How to use your EnviroGuard™ Home Protection Kit

Your EnviroGuard Home pack includes all the professional materials you need to protect your home and safeguard germ free hands.

  1. Bio-Cleaning Step
  • One pack of UltraMicrofibre Mini 320 Deep Clean cloths
  • One pack of UltraMicrofibre Mini 260 Ultra-shine polish cloths
  1. Disinfection Step
  • One 750ml Spray applicator of Salvesan hypochlorous disinfectant
  • One UtraMicrofibre Mini 320
  1. Protection Step
  • One 250ml spray applicator of Zoono Microbe- Shield protectant
  • One pack of two microfibre Mitts for the protectant application
  • One Germfree24™ ‘Pocket’ 100ml hand sanitiser skin protection
  • One Germfree24™ ‘Family’ 500ml hand sanitiser skin protection

EnviroGuard Home Kit Review the Home Protection Plan Check List which you can request at the bottom of the page. This takes you through all the common touch points found in your home and focusses on three main areas – The Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilets. In the miscellaneous list you will find tips and suggestions for additional items to consider adding to your personal list.

We will start in the kitchen. This is typically the busiest room of the home and the area with greatest contamination risk, with many frequently touched items.

The same process is used throughout. Clean – Disinfect – Protect. Allowing a few minutes drying time between each step. Short video clips are here to assist you with the process and points of technique which are important to follow to complete a professional quality result.

If you would prefer to have a professional application undertaken for you, this is available, and the enquiry link will provide full information on this service. Visit the Professional Services page

Request the instruction guide and checklists

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Completing the EnviroGuard™ Home Check List on tablet