Introducing EnviroGuard

We are Infection Prevention Specialists experienced in healthcare environment patient safety. Our team has designed the EnviroGuard programme to help you protect your home, your car and your workplace.

The first step in Infection Control is Prevention. Below you find the six key ‘How to’steps that you can take to prevent germs entering and spreading throughout your home.


Protecting People Everywhere

What causes viral and bacterial infections?

The main mode of transmission of infectious viruses and bacteria is from the hands. Going about our busy lives we touch many things which may have been contaminated and we now carry those germs on our hands. When we touch something or someone, those germs are transferred and can remain infectious for a considerable period of time. So its very important to prevent those germs entering in the first place, and if they do enter our home, we have the assurance of the EnviroGuard protection to prevent germs from causing harm.

The route of infection is primarily via the mucous membranes, mouth, nose, eyes. You may be amazed to learn that adults can typically and unconsciously touch the face up to 25 times an hour, more if the person is stressed. It is therefore vital to maintain good hand hygiene, regular hand washing and clean touch surfaces.

Learn six key steps that will prevent germs entering and spreading in your home

Step 1

How to identify the critical surfaces where germs reside in your home.

Step 2

How to clean and disinfect effectively and reliably.

Step 3

How to transform and provide long term antimicrobial protection to those same critical surfaces and prevent germs from reappearing.

Step 4

How to sanitise your hands with the assurance of long-lasting active Germfree24 antimicrobial protection.

Step 5

How to learn the correct hand hygiene technique. Practice and test your newly learned skill on the free Surewash smartphone app.

Step 6

How to use the products in the EnviroGuard Home Kit to protect your family at home, in your car, at school, traveling on public transport, visiting public areas, and in your workplace.