About EnviroGuard™

Our team has designed the EnviroGuard™ programme to help you protect your home, your car and your workplace.


About Enviroguard™

The EnviroGuard™ programme provides the safety of antimicrobial protection to both hands and touch surfaces to provide a double protective barrier and constant active disinfection. Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitisers and cleaning chemicals, which are only active when initially applied wet, the EnviroGuard™ Germfree24™ hand sanitiser and Microbe Shield™ surface antimicrobial keep on working, with lethal effect on germs.  This provides the increased level of protection between the times of hand washing and surface cleaning.

How does the EnviroGuard™ Protection work?

There are two parts to the protection treatment. One for surfaces, one for hands. The antimicrobial treatment protects both surfaces and hands from harbouring germs. Bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms can not survive on clean, dry surfaces. Unfortunately, it is impossible to maintain and eliminate contamination as we go about our regular daily activities. We are constantly touching surfaces and potentially cross-contaminating. That is, we pick up germs from one touched item and transfer them to multiple successive touched surfaces. This is why good hand hygiene is so important in the prevention of spread to surfaces and other peoples’ hands. Effectively breaking the chain of infection.

Zoono™Microbe-Shield™ antimicrobial Surface Treatment

When applied to any surface, the Microbe-Shield treatment transforms the surface with a mono-molecular antimicrobial protective layer that permanently bonds to the surface. This provides a defensive barrier of positively charged microscopic ‘pins’. Negatively charged microorganisms are attracted to the treated surface. On contact, the cell walls of the microbes are ruptured with lethal effect. A Virus is an infective agent which needs a host to survive and replicate. By eliminating the bacterial host, and maintaining clean surfaces, the risk of cross contamination to hands and transfer of infective viruses is significantly reduced.

The Microbe-Shield™ is effective against all microorganisms including influenza and stomach bug infections which cause diaorrhoea and vomiting.

Germfree24™ Hand Sanitiser and Protectant

The Germfree24™ hand sanitiser formula contains the same Microbe-Shield™ technology to provide long lasting hand protection from microbial contamination. Dermatologically tested, the Germfree24™ coating is alcohol-free, gentle on the skin, non-irritant and remains active after normal hand washing routine. The antimicrobial coating attaches to the outer layer of the epidermis which is composed of dead skin cells that we shed into the environment. These are the cells found in dust throughout your home. A daily application of the Germfree24™ hand sanitiser does not replace the need for regular hand washing but does provide active antimicrobial protection between hand hygiene opportunities. This is a benefit which most hand sanitisers do not have, as these are only active when wet and may cause irritation to sensitive skin with extended frequent use.

The Germfree24™ coating provides a protective barrier which helps maintain good skin condition.

How long does the antimicrobial protection last?


On Surfaces:

The Microbe-Shield™ is a permanent surface coating. However, as a nano-coating, the surface does need to be maintained to provide optimum antimicrobial performance. In your EnviroGuard™ Home Kit you will find two packs of professional UltraMicrofibre cloths. These are the same type of cloths used in healthcare to maintain clean and safe clinical environments. The other potential impact on longevity is the effect of abrasion. Some surfaces can be exposed to higher levels of abrasion such as preparation areas of kitchen work tops or door handles that may come into direct contact with rings for example. In these areas it is recommended to reapply periodically as part of a deep clean routine, weekly or monthly to the frequent touch points. See the treated surface check list, and the hints and hacks section that customers have suggested to us.

On Hands:

The Germfree24 Hand sanitiser similarly bonds permanently to the outer layer of skin cells, these are dead skin cells and will gradually shed together with the antimicrobial coating. A daily application will maintain the protective layer.

The EnviroGuard™ materials  are safe to use on all surfaces

  • The UltraMicrofibre cloths provide excellent mechanical cleaning action to remove soil, but will not scratch surfaces.
  • The Salvesan™ hypochlorous Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a weak acid formed via electrolysis that’s scientifically-proven as a powerful oxidant, effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Killing 99.9999% of germs on contact for 1 minute. Hypochlorous is an organic, water-based substance, naturally produced by the human body in wound healing. Salvesan™ is non-irritant on the skin and can be safely used on all hard and soft surfaces including textiles.
  • The Microbe-Shield™ antimicrobial surface treatment is water-based, non-staining and non-leaching. It can be applied to any surface as a spray or wipe application. Once dry, the Microbe-shield forms the protective coating, permanently bonded to the surface.
  • The Germfree24 is dermatologically tested and safe for use by all, including children. The formulation is less toxic than vitamin C.
  • Materials safety data sheets are available for review in the in the support section of this website.

You can be fully protected from as little as £59.00

plus packaging and postage

EnviroGuard Home Kit

The EnviroGuard™ Home Kit includes all the professional materials you need. With illustrated application instructions and a touch point safety checklist to prepare and protect your home surfaces.

  • 5 Biocleaning UltraMicrofibre cloths & 1 decontamination spray
  • 5 UltraMicrofibre polish cloths for glass, phones & tablets
  • 2 Microbe Shield™ application mitts
  • 1 Microbe Shield™ antimicrobial surface treatment
  • 1 Germfree24™ ‘Pocket’ 100ml hand sanitiser skin protection
  • 1 Germfree24™ ‘Family’ 500 ml hand sanitiser skin protection
  • Access to the Surewash™ smartphone app

If you would prefer to have a professional application undertaken for you, this is available, and the enquiry link will provide full information on this service. Visit the Professional Services page